WIAL Certification Programs

WIAL is pleased to bring the action learning coach certification program to Seattle!

As organizations face new and increasing pressures, Action Learning is more relevant than ever as an effective solution for solving complex problems and building strong working teams.

Specifically, action learning is remarkable in its ability to:

  • Solve problems and challenges with breakthrough and sustaining strategies,
  • Develop the leadership skills and qualities needed by twenty-first-century managers,
  • Develop teams that continuously improve their capability to form and adapt
  • Capture, transfer, and apply valuable knowledge at the individual, group, organizational, and community levels.

If you are ready for a deeper understanding of Action Learning, or are considering becoming a certified coach, the intensive Action Learning Certification Program will take you to the next level. This session covers the six components of Action Learning and the two ground rules in detail. Participants will learn the concepts behind why Action Learning works, as well as have an opportunity to experience Action Learning as a participant and as a coach.

This intensive program gives participants the skills and the experience they need to excel as Action Learning coaches in a variety of challenging situations. Participants will be required to conduct several Action Learning sessions independently from the class experiences. In addition, workshops use outside presenters from organizations needing real solutions.

This program is for:

  • Practicing coaches who want to implement Action Learning programs in organizations;
  • Organization and Development professionals interested in helping organizations build capabilities and increase performance
  • Human Resources professionals who want to increase their strategic value as business partners
  • Professionals who want to introduce Action Learning coaching within their organization
  • Independent coaches and consultants who wish to become a Certified Action Learning Coach (CALC).


For more information, visit www.wial-usa.org/courses or contact Andrea Cole (SALC) at (206) 658-7919 or andrea@colecoach.com